Privacy policy

NW Turnings considers privacy important and as such we will not share information we collect without your knowledge.  We feel the best method of addressing concerns is through transparency.   This policy is in place to educate you on what information we collect, how we collect that information, and what we do with the information we collect.  You may then make an informed decision about doing business with NW Turnings. 

Terms and Definitions

  • Visitor
    A visitor is anyone viewing NW Turnings that has not registered as a user.
  • Customer
    A customer is anyone viewing NW Turnings that has registered or logged in.
  • Registered or Registering
    This is the process of creating an account with us.  Your account can be used to purchase products, or subscribe to our mailing list to be informed of future opportunities. 

Non Personal Information

Our site makes use of analytic products so we can evaluate in aggregate information about visitors and customers.  This information is used so we can improve our site and our product offerings.  Our analytic tools collect the following information. 

  • Screen Resolution 
  • Operating System
  • Browser In Use
  • If you clicked on a link on another site, the site that link was on (Referrer)
  • Geographic region

 Personal Information

To complete an order and to conduct business with you, it will be necessary to collect personal information from you.  We collect this information through web forms (pages) where you enter your information and submit it.  We do NOT collect this information about you without your consent, and we will not share this information with third parties.  The type of personal information we collect is: 

  • Name, and email
  • Mailing Address
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number (For shipping support purposes)

What we do not collect

We are integrated with third party payment providers and we do not collect credit card or bank account information.  Should you receive a request for this information from NW Turnings, please disregard it.  


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