We have two pen categories, slim and designer.  Our slim pens have a simple design and tend to be smaller in diameter, so if you like thinner, lighter pens, check out our line of slim pens.  If you like thicker and heavier pens, view some of our designer pens.  Our line of designer pens are made from exotic woods and burls full of natural beauty.  

Our slim and designer pens are all refillable, medium point, twisting, ball point pens.  To write, twist the pen to reveal the ball point.  To store the pen, twist the opposite direction.   To replace the cartridge, separate the top and bottom by twisting the two pieces while pulling in the opposite direction.  


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Satin Gold Kelat Burl

Picture of Satin Gold Kelat Burl
Kelat Burl with Satin Gold accepts, what a beautiful combination.


Wenge on the Side

Picture of Wenge on the Side
Wenge, cut diagonally highlighting natural color variations.


Bolivian Rose

Picture of Bolivian Rose
Bolivian rosewood creates a rich beautiful pen.


Heart of Red

Picture of Heart of Red
A unique pen made of Redheart adorned with a burn provides elegant contrast.


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