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How to refill our pens - Sunday, January 05, 2014

Replacing the ink cartridge in our Wooden Pens

All our twist pens can be refilled with a new ink cartridge in three easy steps.

  1. Separate pen top and pen base.  
  2. Replace cartridge
  3. Reconnect pen top and base

Wooden Pen Refillable Parts

 Parts of a Hand-Made Wooden Pen

  1. Pen Top (Standing)
  2. Pen base (Lying down in rear)
  3. Refillable Ink Cartride (Lying down in front)


Separating the pen's top and bottom

Grab the pen base in one hand and the pen top.  Make sure you hold the wood and not the tip of the base, or the clip on the pen's top.  Once you have hold, twist the top in a counter-clockwise motion while gently pulling the top and base away from each other. Continue turning until the top and base are separated.


Replacing the ink cartridge

Becasue the ink cartridge is connected to the base, you'll need to unscrew the empty cartridge.  Hold the pen base by the wood as you did when removing the top.  Then twist the empty ink cartridge by grabbing the black cap and turning it counter-clockwise.  Set the empty cartridge aside and add the new cartridge by screwing it into the base (this time turning clockwise).   Stop turning when you feel a little resistance. 

Reconnect Pen Base and Top

Now that you've replaced the ink cartridge put the pen back together.  While holding the base, grab the top (again by the wood) and push the top onto the base.  You can use the same counter-clockwise twisting motion you did earlier.    

Now that you've replaced your ink cartridge, your pen is ready for writing again. 

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