About Us

NW Turnings is operated by Brian Scheffer in Duvall Washington.  

About Brian
I grew up in Northwestern Washington.  One grandfather was a commercial fisherman and boat builder by trade.  My other grand father was a farmer and machinist.  From them I learned various wood and metal working skills.  While I enjoy the creative process with both, my passion has fallen upon woodworking.  I love the variety found in colors and grain patterns.  

I hope you find something on NW Turnings that you can use.  My goal is to produce not just items that add to ones decor, but items that serve a practical use.  If I don't have anything you like, and you're wondering if it's something that could be built.  Please feel free to contact me via the contact us page.  I'm always open to solving new problems.  

Woodworking lessons
If you're in the Duvall Area and would like to learn about woodworking, and tool safety.  Please contact me, I'm currently evaluating the creation of some weekend classes.